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If you're like most people who want to start a vending business, you're excited about the industry but the fact is you don't really know what makes a vending machine good or bad.

Did you know that there are 15 major issues/features of a vending machine to consider? Of course not. But you need to at least have an idea of what you're paying for BEFORE you invest.

vending machine types Outdated Soda/Snack Vending Machines
  • No SmartWarePro/SmartCard Technology
  • No Video Screen/Media Package
  • Not NAMA Certified (not meeting “Sanitary Design” standard & FDA Model Food Code)
  • Only 5, 6 or 7 Drink Selections With Restricted Can/Bottle Versatility
  • Two-Piece Soda/Snack Machines = A Lot of Heavy Lifting, Assembly Work & Electrical Connections
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vending machine business Mechanical Vending Machines
  • Requires Exact Change & Does Not Accept Bills
  • Jams Very Easily
  • A Nightmare To Change Pricing
  • Difficult To Locate - Perceived As Old Fashioned
  • Cannot Vend Bottles and Energy Drinks
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vending machine types All-Soda/All-Snack Vending Machines
  • Difficult To Locate - Need Multiple Machines
  • Outrageous Investment In Order To Offer Variety Of Products
  • "Themed" Soda Machines Narrow Choices
  • Cannot Vend Energy Drinks
  • Diminishing Returns On Snack Investment
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