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Everyone knows Americans are quickly moving toward a “cashless society.” New technology is being deployed and spreading like wildfire in retail locations across the country that are now offering contactless payment terminals. These “pass-n-go” or “tap-n-go” options have been gaining on regular swipe credit cards. However, with the recent launch of mobile wallets, the smartphone will now become the preferred payment method due to its convenience.

Your Refreshment Stations are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art cashless vending technology. Of course they can accept and process credit/debit cards and cash and coins – but they can do so much more! By taking full advantage of the latest near field communication (NFC) technology, each Refreshment Station Machine houses a payment system capable of accepting Google/Mobile Wallet, Apple Pay & PayPal Mobile – enabling consumers the ability to now pay for their purchase with a tap of their smartphone. Our system can also process all of the other NFC type of devices like Visa PayWave & MasterCard PayPass.

Here are just a few of the many ways this technology can increase your revenues:

  • Numerous case studies are confirming that cashless vending technology is already increasing sales from 15% to 20%!
  • Studies also show increases in the number of vends, increases in multiple-vends per consumer and increases in the average amount spent by the consumer!
  • Offer higher-priced, high-profit items!
  • Cashless payment systems solve limited cash-on-hand or exact change requirements by allowing consumers to also use credit, debit & even pre-paid cards!
  • Accepting credit cards provides a huge convenience…and therefore a huge competitive advantage in securing prime, high-traffic locations. Owners/managers instantly recognize the convenience for their employees & customers!

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