eManage™ Vending Management Software

vending business management
Streamline the operation of your vending machine(s) through the power of eManage™ Vending Management Software. This proprietary software was created specifically for 1.800.VENDING. Monitor and manage daily gross sales; net profit; exactly what and how many of each product was sold; how much was collected in cash, coins, credit cards, debit cards… you get the idea.

Machine owners with a small number of machines can opt to only use viewable dashboard information and pre-kitting lists. Those with larger routes can add product-by-product and machine-by-machine analysis.

eManage™ comes pre-loaded with popular vending products
available for use in the reports!

  • Products – track each product in any machine by name, cost, size, quantity purchased, date purchased, etc.
  • Machines – specify a name or number for each machine, the products selling in each machine and the prices of each product
  • Locations – track the contact information for each location and your point of contact. Also track commission (if paid)
  • Routes – function as one large route or divide into sub-routes based on geographic location. Track when each machine was placed and the expected restocking schedule for each sub-route
  • ePort Dashboard – analyzes the RemotePlus™ data sent by each of your Refreshment Stations. Get a quick snapshot of the cash & credit sales in your machine(s) or narrow down to a specific machine and examine each transaction
  • Reports – run reports on any important aspect of your machine(s) – expenses, ROI, profit & loss, sales tax and more
  • Pre-Kitting – take the guesswork out of restocking. Using data from the RemotePlus™ Monitoring System on specific product information, print a list of exactly what products you need to fully restock each machine
  • Maximize Revenue – track each product as you evaluate the top sellers in each individual machine. Go beyond stocking your machines with national best sellers to stocking what sells best in each specific location

vending business management

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