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1800 vending reviews

"I had always wanted to start my own business, and never thought that I would end up investing in five vending machines, but I am excited I did.

I received my machines a few weeks ago and after getting quickly acquainted with how they work, I put them out in the market. My customers are so happy with them! They love how the machines fit where it is best for them and how many options they have in product. As an owner, I love going in to service the machines where the people are happy with their service and with a reliable and good looking vending machines.

Already, after only a few weeks I have had referrals to new accounts from customers already happy with their new machine. What impresses me most about the 1-800-VENDING team is how helpful they have been getting me started in this exciting endeavor. The sales staff was very knowledgeable and put no pressure on my decision to buy from them. In fact, they encouraged me to look around to see what the competition offered. The coaching staff has been readily available to answer questions and provide suggestions on how to best employ my business. The service staff has been great answering all my questions in regard to technical operation of the machines as well.

1-800-VENDING is confident in their great product and it shows in their customer service. They stand behind their machines, and offer the best dollar for dollar value on the market. I have never felt alone going into this business and look forward to my continued relationship with 1-800- VENDING. Thanks guys!"

Dave L. — Jacksonville, Florida

1800 vending reviews

"For some time I have been looking into different business opportunities that I could get into that could include my entire family. Nothing seemed to be right until I looked into the vending business.

After my initial meeting with one of the owners at 1.800.Vending, I knew this would be a good fit for me. We were able to get all of the help and information that we needed to get our business off the ground. Everyone we dealt with at 1.800.Vending was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional. Our questions were always answered in a timely manner. It was very easy to get started.

One thing that helped us make our decision was the machines and the warranty offered by 1.800.Vending. It was the best in the business and we were so pleased when our machines arrived. They are great. They are solidly built, and attractive enough to put into any business setting. They are very user friendly - both for us servicing them and for the customers. We have also found them to be very reliable.

We spend only a few hours a couple days a week filling the machines. It has been a great way to spend time with my sons teaching them about small business and responsibility. We currently have 5 successful machines and are already looking forward to expanding. It has been a great investment for our family and our future."

Alan M. — Kaysville, Utah

vending machine reviews

"As a hardworking man, I used to work 2 jobs and sometimes 3. I decided it was time to start my own business. My wife suggested 1.800.VENDING. I was skeptical so I decided to do my research.

I searched online looking at several companies — also checking them out with the BBB. After several weeks I noticed no other company could even come close to 1.800.VENDING, so I made the call to get started. I must admit that I appreciated the gentleman that got me started. He was very encouraging and was there to answer my questions. I already felt like I was family from the beginning. Everyone was so friendly and they knew me by name.

The compliments that I get about these machines are very encouraging to me. My goal is to purchase more and more machines and have them all over my town. I must say I was amazed after installing my first machine how beautiful the machine really is and the variety of selection that you get out of one machine alone. The compliments on how the machines look are very encouraging to me. I can't wait to purchase more machines and grow my business.

For the first couple of months I needed parts for this one particular machine. I was amazed at the support, and how fast I received the parts. Replacing parts in these machines is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and you're done. No kidding. You would think I've been doing this for years. Actually, some people thought that I have been doing this for years.

These machines are so easy to service. I service them once a week. Since the weather has been a little colder, I noticed that my customers are making more selections. I just might have to start servicing them twice a week. Thanks again 1.800.VENDING. I love you guys!"

Lee D. — Pottstown, Pennsylvania

1800 vending reviews

"Recently, I was chosen in a nationwide contest for an idea that I proposed to place vending machines stocked with natural and organic snacks in local schools or businesses. I was given $10,000 to implement that idea. Because of the press I received, there were several solicitations for substantial savings on vending machines through many well-known vending sales companies.

My husband actually found 1-800-VENDING on an internet search and noticed the company is located in Utah, where we live. I contacted the company and was impressed with the knowledge of the sales associate and was under no pressure to buy. But mostly I was impressed with the fact that 1-800-VENDING did not try and sell the machines to me by talking about the reliability and business practices of other companies — something I could not say about the companies that solicited me for my business.

The sales staff was top notch and the locating company referred to me by 1-800- VENDING has been excellent, finding me places that are interested in healthier vending options — a practice that they normally do not do.

For the last 2 years I have been a stay at home mom. Having a vending route will give me the flexibility to be with my children when they need me while providing a unique need to the vending market.

I am thrilled that I chose 1-800-VENDING.

Elizabeth D. — West Jordan, Utah

1800 vending reviews

"In late July of 2008, I decided to start-up a vending business. I started doing research on various vending machine companies and their equipment. I made some phone calls and searched the internet when I fell upon 1.800.Vending's web-site.

I was looking for equipment (machines) which could vend various drinks, being able to mix various size cans with various size bottles. I researched all the other vending companies and their machines, but I decided to purchase 1.800.Vendings' soda/snack combo machines.

My representative worked with me hand-in-hand and guided me every step of the way. He was very business-like in the way he handled all my questions and concerns. Soon afterwards, my shipment of 15 machines arrived. I initially installed only half of my machines. Boy, you should have seen the look on my face the first time I opened-up the cash drawer and reached my hand in the dollar bill drawer! Wow!

For anyone out there looking to purchase vending machines and/or working with a top-notch vending company, let me tell you I've done all the leg-work for you. Just one phone number you need to know is 1-800-Vending! I'd recommend working with 1.800.Vending to anyone!"

Michael S. — Clementon, NJ

1800 vending reviews

"We could not be happier! After just 11 months we are seeing so many benefits. The machines are great! They are so sturdy and weigh about a third as much as other vending machines. My husband and I can move them around ourselves.

The ability to serve cans and bottles have been a big plus for our business. Energy drinks, Gatorade and water have increased our revenues. 1.800.VENDING has really lived up to their promise — from the initial purchase, coaching, down to the technical support.

We have 9 grandchildren and plan to involve them in the business as they get older.

Thanks for living up to your promise 1.800.VENDING. We are delighted."

Kelly & Candee G. — Clinton, Utah

1800 vending reviews

"I was looking for a way to make money without involving a lot of time and I found it in vending. I went to a few seminars and I did my research and compared different vending machine advantages and disadvantages.

I chose 1-800-Vending because the machine is a compact machine that gives you a combination of both snacks and beverages. And the good thing about this machine is that you can vend different sizes of beverages. It's also very easy to maintain.

Best of all, the support and coaching you get is incredible. It's a great investment and also a lot of fun for me and my family. If I can do it, anyone can thanks to1-800-Vending."

Mike J. — Boston, Massachusetts

1800 vending reviews

"1.800.VENDING, We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for getting our new business venture started. My partner and I were looking for some supplemental income with the least amount of work possible. We can't stress how delightful it has been to deal with your company.

From the moment we decided to purchase our initial 5 machines, the entire process of prompt delivery and customer service has been overwhelming. We have been in business now for close to 2 months. Subsequently, the demand for our services has surpassed our supply. We plan on purchasing our second set of machines very shortly.

As for the machine itself, we've had no issues to date and have customers extremely pleased with its durability and the variety it offers. We are finding that the combination of snacks and drinks really hit a homerun. Most of our customers have gotten rid of other machines to make room for our versatile machine. That speaks volumes and assures us we chose wisely!

Thanks again, for your professional candor. We look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Cory D. - Ft. Myers, Florida

1800 vending reviews

"1.800.Vending has been great. We have always wanted to start our own business and 1.800.Vending has made this possible.

This is our first business and we had a lot of questions. The personal coaching is a resource that is always there and has walked us through step by step in many situations. The coaching isn't just limited to vending questions — they help with all the business questions as well. With this being our first business, we needed that extra support.

Every aspect of the business has been great. The software is very thorough — it is above and beyond what I was expecting. It is a very professional database that has helped us in tracking all of our inventory, machines, routes and much more. I would suggest 1.800.Vending to anyone."

Troy and Kallee S. — Rigby, Idaho

On behalf of the 1.800.VENDING Support Team, we would like to thank all of those 1.800.VENDING distributors who have taken their time to share their vending experience, success stories and words of appreciation in working with 1.800.VENDING. These testimonials are from actual customers who have purchased 1.800.VENDING equipment. The accompanying photographs are authentic. Many of the distributors quoted herein were given a modest gift certificate to purchase products for their machines in exchange for their time, but not for making any specific statements. 1.800.VENDING makes no warranty, representation or guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results achieved by these distributors or that the results achieved by these distributors reflect the average results achieved by all other 1.800.VENDING distributors. All letters that have been sent to 1.800.VENDING are kept on file at our Corporate Headquarters in Kaysville, Utah.

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