Modular Vending System

Every 10-15 Years, A Major Innovation Completely Changes the Face of the Vending Machine Industry.
Guess What?

Our Revolutionary Modular Vending System™ Positions You With An Income Opportunity Like No Other. Virtually Endless Choices = Virtually Endless Earning Power.

Here's How...

First, we transformed the soda & snack vending industry by introducing our one-of-a-kind Refreshment Station. Now, we’ve taken things to a new level with our revolutionary Modular Vending System™. Finally, a vending machine system that provides our distributors complete flexibility to grow at their own pace.

Maximize your sales by adding our MealTime Satellite Vendor to any Refreshment Station in any location. Now you can earn your full potential by customizing each location and by commanding higher dollar vends. Add the convenience of accepting the larger $5, $10 & $20 bills – in addition to credit and debit cards – and you can truly boost your earning power.

MealTime Satellite Vendor

"Consumers are increasingly turning to…quick, convenient meals to consume on the go throughout the day."

- Vending Times

Reap Serious Rewards With the Newest Craze In Vending... Microwavable Entrées & Side Dishes!

Finally…a way to offer hungry employees a variety of delicious & nutritious ready-to-eat meals. Tired of “burger burnout”, pressed-for-time workers can now dine at their desk with a real meal in just minutes!

  • Employees are sick and tired of fast food – but don’t have time to go out and get a good meal. Vending machine operators have been lagging behind the demand. Now YOU can get ahead of the curve with our MealTime Satellite Vendor!
  • Create a buzz in the breakroom by offering popular, name-brand products that all Americans know & love!
  • Enjoy this prolific “niche” by commanding high-dollar vends for the convenience of first-rate hot meals right in the office!
  • Offer employers a way to keep workers on-site instead of running out of the office to get something to eat!
  • Vends a variety of entrées, soups, chili, stews, pasta dishes, hot & cold cereals, fruit cups, desserts and more!
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Michael S.
- New Jersey

"Boy, you should have seen the look on my face the first time I opened up the cash drawer and reached my hand in the dollar bill drawer! Wow!"

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