Revolutionary Refreshment Station

America’s Favorite Soda/Snack Machine

This is not your traditional soda and snack vending machine. With 1.800.VENDING’s Revolutionary Refreshment Station, you can maximize your income by vending specialty products. Of course, you can still profit from traditional products such as soft drinks and snacks, but now you can also vend bottled water, sports drinks and energy drinks – in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of the snack and soda vending machines on the market cannot vend this kind of variety of products.

It’s Four Machines In One!

  • Snack Machine
  • Soda Machine
  • Bottled Water & Sports Drink Machine
  • Energy Drink Machine

The 1.800.VENDING Refreshment Station can vend energy drinks produced in 8oz-20oz cans. The energy drink market is exploding into a multi-billion dollar industry in and of itself. Don’t miss out on this incredibly high-demand product in offices everywhere!

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Start a Healthy Vending Business

Corporate America & schools nationwide support the change to a healthier lifestyle. People are eating smarter and healthier and vending machine operators have been lagging behind the demand. Now YOU can get ahead of the curve and cash in on this trend with our exclusive HealthyYOU Vending Opportunity.

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