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The Two Most Hated Men In Vending
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They heard it again and again: "If you build it, they will hate you." Unfortunately, it came true. When the founders of 1.800.VENDING - Michael Burnett & Jeffrey Marsh - revealed to the market a "better mousetrap" (The Refreshment Station), other vending machine companies hated them for it. And they still hate them today.

For years Mike & Jeff put every vending machine on the market under a microscope. When they didn't like what they saw, they decided then and there to offer a vending machine that had "All of the Good; None of the Bad". After a year of extensive research and testing, they brought to market the most striking, versatile and innovative vending machine the industry has ever seen. And their Distributors love them for it.

The Two Most Appreciated Men In Vending

No other vending machine company has done what 1.800.VENDING has done. As one of the most innovative vending suppliers in the United States, 1.800.VENDING analyzed all the vending machines on the market and then spent thousands of hours to introduce a machine that surpasses every other comparable combination vending machine. Nobody has done what they've done. Nobody has gone to the great length that they've gone to. And nobody cares like they care. NOBODY. Has it gone unappreciated? Not by their Distributors. And that's all that matters.

As the world leader in the vending machine industry, 1.800.VENDING’s equipment is privately manufactured in the Midwestern United States. This factory is one of the most state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the world. Factory tours are available for prospective distributors where they can watch their machines being built.

With 12 years in business, almost 5,000 customers and having sold nearly 100,000 vending machines nationwide – 1.800.VENDING knows what it takes to help you be successful. Drawing on over 30 years of experience in the vending industry in addition to the home-based business arena, we provide everything you need to successfully establish, upgrade or expand your vending business. Our goal is to provide you with your own "up and running" business from day one. In other words, you don't have to waste time reinventing the wheel. We can assist the beginner to the seasoned operator with a successful business. Let us show you how 1.800.VENDING can help you generate immediate and long-term cash flow!

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